DiGi8 Tails

To simplify termination to your equipment, the diGi8 Fanouts are available in a variety of configurations. Either male or female Wireworks G-Series connectors are available with a range of connectors terminating the eight tough color coded 4ft tails (all male, all female or 4 male and 4 female XLRs or all TRS).

Because the diGi8 system operates independently of any digital or analog wiring complications, the diGi8 Digital and Analog Adaptors allow interfacing to either of these standards. With either a male or female G-Series connector terminating one end of the eight channel AES/EBU cable, the other end terminates in a rugged, metal bodied, gold contact DB25. Both digital wired and analog wired Adaptors are available. This makes termination into your equipment a breeze.

  • Designed and built to provide the toughest and most durable road-worthy AES/EBU cabling components available
  • Based on the most tried and tested G-Series quick disconnect connectors
  • Offers all heavy duty AES/EBU 110 ohm cabling throughout
  • Simple durable adaptors to interface with DB25 connections
  • Metal body connectors all gold contacts
  • Created to provide wide flexibility for easy system reconfiguration
  • All Neutrik XLR and TRS black/gold connectors
  • Offers choice of digital or analog wiring
  • Backed up by Wireworks lifetime warranty