DiGi8 Boxes

The cleverly designed digi8 MiniStageBoxes use unique, all steel chassis which are as small as they can be - only 1ru high x 9.5" wide (1/2 rack width) and 3" deep. Each box has 8 Neutrik black/gold connectors on one side (all male, all female or 4 male and 4 female XLRs or all TRS) and the truly robust G-Series connector on the other side. This unusually small package allows the widest variety of uses. All wiring inside diGi8 MiniStageBoxes is true AES/EBU. With the included base-plate, the unit is a tiny stagebox or simply wall mounted. Without the baseplate, the diGi8 boxes can be hung or hidden away. Two diGi8 boxes can be mounted side by side in the MMBR Rack Adaptor in only 1RU.

The MMBR Rack Adapter rounds out the diGi8 Components. This unique item provides a simple way to rack-mount any combination of two diGi8 MiniStageBoxes side-by-side in only 1 rack space. The boxes can each be mounted in either flush or recessed with either the eight connectors or the G-Series connector facing forward!

  • Designed and built to provide the toughest and most durable road-worthy AES/EBU cabling components available
  • Based on the most tried and tested G-Series quick disconnect connectors
  • Uniquely designed, steel boxes for the diGi8 MiniStageBoxes and diGi8 Adaptor products
  • Simple durable adaptors to interface with DB25 connections
  • Metal body connectors all gold contacts
  • Created to provide wide flexibility for easy system reconfiguration
  • All Neutrik XLR and TRS black/gold connectors
  • Offers choice of digital or analog wiring
  • Backed up by Wireworks lifetime warranty