Rackmount Mic Splitter - XLR/G-Block
Wireworks MSR Series Transformer Isolated Microphone Splitters are constructed in a heavy duty rack-mount enclosure with female XLR inputs and male G-Block multipin outputs.

The rack-mount design can be easily mounted for both permanent and mobile applications.

All Wireworks Transformer Isolated Splitters feature genuine Jensen Transformers for optimum quality and assured isolation.

MSR Series Splitters are available in all MultiCable Components Group channels: 3,6,9,12,15,19,27,36 and 50 for practically any application. Matching multi-channel trunks and fanouts are available. Ground lift switches are provided for each channel.

Each microphone splitter features a 1:1, 1:1:1, or 1:1:1:1 turns ratio bridging transformer with a single primary and one, two, or three secondary windings. Transformers also maintain separate faraday shields and reject common mode noise caused by the voltage differences between the chassis of the multiple mixers. Phantom power can be provided through the direct output.
  • Rack mount package
  • Models include 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 19, 27, 36 and 50 channels
  • Available with 1, 2, or 3 isolated male G-Block multipin connectors
  • All female XLRs inputs and male G-Block connectors are mounted on the front panel for easy access
  • G-Block multipin compatibility with MultiCable Components Group Products
  • Ground lift switches for each channel
  • Genuine Jensen Transformers
  • Super tough packaging, suitable for road use
  • Phantom power compatibility
  • Wireworks lifetime warranty against defects in parts and workmanship
    * G-Block - A complete line of complementary products are available in Wireworks Microphone MultiCable Components Group