MultiTails are highly adaptable termination components designed for uncluttered direct interfacing to your equipment. By eliminating the need for jumper cables to your mixers, consoles, and processing equipment, MultiTails substantially reduce setup time and maximize your cabling system dollar.

Available in both four and eight foot lengths, MultiTails allow you to interface to separate pieces of equipment up to fifteen feet apart.

MultiTails consist of a Wireworks G-Block multipin connector, featuring gold plated contacts, wired to a specific number of individual miniature rubber microphone cables. Each cable is terminated with an XLR line-type connector or 1/4 three-conductor phone plug. Individual cables are shielded, and they feature long-wearing, abrasion-resistant rubber jackets for superior flexibility and manipulation.

Durable and easy to handle, convenient and economical, MultiTails offer timesaving convenience features to simplify your total system operation.

  • Convenient direct plugging to equipment
  • Complete G-Block multipin compatibility with all Wireworks Microphone Multicable Components Group Products
  • Gold plated multipin contacts for increased reliability
  • 4 or 8 foot fan-out lengths
  • Units with XLR-type or phone plug returns available
  • Rugged reliability that's designed and built into every product
  • Precision manufactured Neutrik XLR-type connectors
  • Other configurations and lengths available on request
  • Wireworks lifetime warranty against defects in parts and workmanship
6 Channel
9 Channel
12 Channel
15 Channel
19 Channel