About Wireworks

For 50 years, Wireworks Corporation, headquartered in Hillside, New Jersey, has been the leading innovator and manufacturer of audio and audio/video cabling systems for the professional audio, broadcast, and live performance industries.

Established in 1974, Wireworks was not only the first company to supply cabling products to the professional market but began to set standards immediately and has continued to do so as the industry developed and matured. Wireworks Multicable Components Group, our series of mix and match, flexible cabling components, soon became the industry benchmark for audio interconnect systems. This extensive array of versatile products has enabled professionals working on fixed installations and mobile facilities to get their jobs done quickly, easily, and most of all, dependably.

Major facilities around the country, from the White House to Radio City Music Hall in New York City and from the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium located in Florida to boardrooms of many multi-national corporations, have found Wireworks cabling systems to be invaluable for live applications, conference and Multi-Media presentations, multitrack recording, and simultaneous broadcasting applications. Very early on, we originated the innovative concept of colored microphone cable, being the first to establish a line of professional microphone cable assemblies  available in fifteen different colors!

In 1986, after having created and augmented a product line which now comprises over 4,000 items, Wireworks continued to set trends by establishing a standard for mixed audio and video interconnects. Wireworks System 502, provided for the first time, both audio channels and video lines in one multipin cabling system and introduced the broadcast industry to instant plug-and-play flexibility. Most recently, another Wireworks' first, the AV2000 range of products, has become the nationwide standard for easily connecting audio, video, data and control

signals. Enabling a wide variety of different industry standard cables including shielded pairs, coax, data and control, to be integrated into a durable and practical multi connector, AV2000 solves the tricky problem of client interaction with cabling necessary for multi-media presentation systems. Until now, this has been a daunting prospect but with Wireworks' continued attention to problem solving, an economical and simple solution has been designed. Wireworks mixed audio and video systems have found a home at political conventions, shuttle landings, inaugurations, summit conferences, and mobile television studios on land and at sea.

Today, Wireworks continues to play a major role in the audio, broadcast, and live performance industries and to pursue innovation. Our established aim is to provide the very best designed cabling products to meet the ever developing marketplace in both audio and audio/video presentation. In fact, virtually everyone who has witnessed a major sporting event, an awards ceremony or a Broadway show, has seen and heard Wireworks in action.

Although we are very proud of our many accomplishments, what truly sets Wireworks apart from all other manufacturers is our commitment to quality and customers. Wireworks designs and manufactures products that work the first time, every time. You can count on our products in the most crucial and pivotal situations. We are familiar with applications where there are no second takes and when there is no time to wait for equipment.

And Wireworks' commitment doesn't stop when a sale is made or an order is shipped. Our unique warranty against defects in parts and workmanship is a testament to our continuing commitment to you and your needs.

Whether your application is large or small, worldwide or school-wide, with unlimited funding or strictly budgeted, innovative thinking and a track record of being the first, enables Wireworks to provide you with a system that will be an asset to you now and in the future.